The Firm

Berenice Avocats specializes in civil litigation. Conflict is our core competence: identifying risks and defusing what creates those risks; managing disputes when they arise; bringing suits or defending in court when necessary.

Team players

Berenice Avocats results from our deep-rooted belief, grounded in our experience, that working as a team is key to success.


We have a taste for combat and victory and will work tirelessly and with determination to see your objectives through.


We tailor our services to the specificities of your business, your sector and the challenges you face.

Peace of mind

Cultivating a relationship of trust and proximity, we’re here to provide you the support you need at each stage of a dispute so you can address it serenely and focus on your business.

Building for the future

Our commitment extends beyond defending your short-term interests. We strive to transform conflict into added value, by helping you put processes in place that can avoid repeat litigation.